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Screenwriting is an art. Not every writer can write a screenplay. There’s a huge difference between writing a novel and writing a movie script.

There are so many fiction authors but they could never be screenwriters. So, what does it take to learn screenwriting? Passion, imagination, persistence, and a lot of other things.

In the last decade, there have been too many people teaching this art not just in Universities & film schools but also on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, YouTube, MasterClass, and other websites. It’s confusing which is the best one to follow.

Hence in this article, I have selected the best screenwriting courses on Udemy, based on the simplicity & credibility of the course creator. You can also check the screenwriting masterclass.

Here’s a list below:

  1. Beginning Screenwriting Made Easy
  2. Inspirational Screenwriting by Paul Castro
  3. Screenwriting & Storytelling Blueprint
  4. Screenwriting Workshop
  5. Learn to Write Movies
  6. Pitching Your Screenplay or Novel
  7. Creating the Bulletproof 1 Hour TV Pilot

Now, let’s go through them one-by-one.

1. Beginning Screenwriting Made Easy-2020 Screenwriting Course

This course is created by Pamela Kay who runs the screenwriting YouTube channel Word Dancer.

Pamela has won the Academy Nicholl Screenwriting Competition (#1 screenplay competition in the world). So, she definitely knows how to write a winning screenplay. 

This is a beginner’s course for sure. However, if you already know how to write scripts then you can even take her other screenwriting courses on Thinkific.

Details of the course on Udemy:

  • Course Rating: 4.7 (447 ratings)
  • 5700+ students enrolled.
  • 2.5 hours of video
  • 15 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources

Let’s see what she’s offering in it:

  • The biggest mistake that new writers make
  • Basic screenplay structure in screenwriting
  • Getting feedback on your screenplay
  • How to maximize your chances of success even before you write the script
  • Various ways of generating ideas for the story
  • Building characters while screenwriting
  • Screenwriting Format explained
  • Thinking like a screenwriter
  • Her own journey which didn’t start from any film school

This course is the most practical one on Udemy & that is why it is the first one on my list.

You can Buy Pamela’s course here.

2. Inspirational Screenwriting by Paul Castro

Paul castro is a Hollywood screenwriter. He co-wrote the screenplay for the Warner Bros film August Rush with Nick Castle.

Starring the great Robin Williams, August Rush was directed by Kristen Sheridan & grossed above $60 million. He also taught students at UCLA. 

The film led Paul to Hollywood’s best & he later created a course named The Million Dollar Screenplay.  It is essentially the same as this course on Udemy. Details of the course:

  • Course Rating: 4.6 (1997 ratings)
  • 11,315 students enrolled.
  • 3 hours of video

In this course Paul’s teaches:

  • How to build a Story & decide a Title
  • Creating Characters & Images with a protagonist & antagonist
  • Story Structure right from page 1 to 15 to 45 to the last page.
  • Constructing a Scene & Character Arc
  • Timeframe
  • Why a particular screenplay sells and one does not
  • A special Bonus podcast

I totally recommend this course even if you are a beginner in writing scripts (though a little knowledge will be helpful) as this writer knows how to write & sell, both exceptionally well. However this course will help you start your process of writing.

Click here to Buy the course.

3. Screenwriting & Storytelling Blueprint: Hero’s Two journeys

This is one of the bestseller courses on Udemy on Screenwriting created by Michael Hauge & Chris Vogler. Michael has worked with actors, writers, producers like Will Smith, Julia Roberts & Morgan Freeman, etc. 

Details of the course:

  • Course Rating: 4.6 (1409 ratings)
  • 9900+ students enrolled.
  • 6.5 hours of video
  • 1 article
  • 2 downloadable resources

What you’ll learn inside:

  • Master the essential elements of storytelling & the goal of the story.
  • How to make the audience involved emotionally with your story
  • Carve a path for the Hero’s journey throughout the script.
  • How the mindset of the Hero changes with the Plot.
  • How the movie can be a success in an artistic way also.

This is a course from not one of the best screenwriters, but from one of the best coaches in the industry.

You can Buy the course here.

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4. Screenwriting Workshop by Dani Alcorn

Dani Alcorn is a screenwriter and a novelist. She has written 3 screenplays during her days at Northwestern University, where she majored in Film & pre-med Psychology.

This course is for beginner’s and authors. She’s also the COO of Writing Academy.

If you have an idea for a story, you should take this 7 course to turn it into a screenplay. 

Details of the course:

  • Course Rating: 4.4 (672 ratings)
  • Almost 5000 students enrolled.
  • 7 hours of video
  • 62 downloadable resources

Let’s see what is in her course:

  • Turn your idea into a screenplay
  • Create a pitch that sells your idea
  • Screenplay structure
  • Polish your screenplay
  • Develop characters
  • How to get your screenplay noticed

Dani is an experienced writer & this course is another bestseller on Udemy.

You can Buy the course here.

5. Learn to Write Movies: Screenwriting Step by Step

It is created by John Watts. He started his career with the BBC & various television networks. Then he moved on to become a writer. You don’t need any experience to learn from him.

Details of the course:

  • Course Rating: 4.5 (394 ratings)
  • 3200+ students enrolled.
  • 4 hours of video
  • 18 downloadable resources

What is in John’s course:

  • Convert your idea into a screenplay
  • Creating characters
  • Understanding Hollywood standards
  • Worksheets to help plan your movie
  • Writing captivating scenes

This is a good course. But there are still better ones out there.

You can Buy it here.

6. Pitching Your Screenplay or Novel in 60 Secs

Michael Hauge is the author of this course again. I’d recommend this course if you have already written a screenplay or are on the verge of finishing it. 

  • Course Rating: 4.9 (57 ratings)
  • 2000+ students enrolled.
  • 2.5 hours of video
  • 2 Articles
  • 1 downloadable resources

What Michael Hauge offers in this course:

  • The perfect pitch strategy in 60 seconds
  • Important elements of a story
  • How to design a marketing plan for your screenplay

You can Buy the course here.

7. Screenwriting: Creating the Bulletproof 1 Hour TV Pilot

Jeffery Alan Schechter is the creator of this course. He has been nominated for 2 Emmy awards and a Writers guild of America award. This is the most expensive course on this list. 

Details of the course:

  • Course Rating: 4.6 (97 ratings)
  • 258+ students enrolled.
  • 1.5 hours of video
  • 12 downloadable resources

What he offers in this course:

  • You’ll be able to write a 1 Hour TV Pilot script
  • You will need a Final Draft Software or Magic Movie Screenwriter
  • Business aspects of TV writing
  • A formula to quickly pitch your entire show
  • Downloadable breakdowns of 1 episode each of: 
    • CSI NY
    • NCIS
    • Breaking Bad

If you wish to go into the industry to make it big writing a TV series. This course is the only one which will teach you everything related to it from start to finish. 

You can Buy it here.


This completes the list of the best courses on Udemy. You also have to have some writing skills and know-how to correct writing mistakes after you write anything, not just a script.

You can also learn about the softwares that makes screenwriting easy. Having said that, if you can write an essay in 30 minutes, I believe that you can learn to write anything.

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