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Screenwriting for Video Commercials- Learn to Write Videos Ads in 4 Easy Steps(with Examples)

Learn to Write Video Ads in 4 Easy Steps (with examples)

Camera on a trailer opening…

A Sedan slowly comes out and drives off…

The Sun rises…lush green fields…Wide shot of the Sedan stopping for a signal.

People in awe of it…

Does this sound familiar? This is a car commercial on TV.

But now you’ll think,

Hey, even I could have done a better Commercial than this!”. Hasn’t each one of us thought about this? Yes we all have at least once. It’s not at all rocket science to write and show something which the viewers would love to buy. It doesn’t take any extraordinary skill, a so called flair for writing, or passion for the TV industry.

All it takes is imagination and the will to try something new.

In this 20 page eBook, 4 easy steps with just 2 hours of reading, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the Complete Format of Writing Ad scripts
  • Write a Script in a Day

This is a one of a kind eBook which teaches you the complete format and process of Writing Scripts of Video Commercials on Television and YouTube. 

It includes examples of scripts and free softwares used to write them.

It also includes some other best guides out there which will help you through the process of writing.

4 Reasons to Download My Free eBook:

  • $100,000/year is what Commercial Writers earn from freelance writing & day jobs in agencies.
  • Over $70 Billion were spent on TV Advertising in the US alone in 2019.
  • $192 Billion is the projected Global TV Ad revenue by 2022.
  • A 14% increase in demand for genuine TV & YouTube Commercial Writers with innovative ideas.

What information does the eBook include?

  • 4 most important steps before starting to write.
  • How to write a perfect Video Commercial in 1 day.
  • Examples of a Video Commercial Scripts.
  • Other famous books on Screenwriting & the Tools used.
  • Recommendations on Screenwriting Books.

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