8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

Laptops have become an essential accessory for writers because of their portability. And as writing with screenwriting software is getting more popular, we are trying to embrace this privilege without jeopardizing our sanity and health. 

The ergonomic benefits of using a laptop stand are many. Laptop stands are designed in a way such that it can improve your sitting posture as you can operate it from your eye level.

In the last few years, laptops have gained more popularity than desktops. And we have almost forgotten that laptops weren’t meant to be used for long hours. And by doing so, we are putting our health at risk, especially our back and the neck.

But as the performance of laptops are getting better and we can use it as a replacement for a desktop, we might as well use it with laptop accessories. This will provide relief to our back and neck pains.

So, let’s take a look at 10 laptop stands for boosting your productivity.

1. Soundance Laptop Stand

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

If you are someone who likes to make a good investment in products, then this stand is for you. Because the build quality, which is of high-quality aluminum alloy, is resistant to rust and hence will last as long as you want it to be. 

Soundance Laptop Stand is designed to remove and prevent all your posture-related problems. This stand comes with a design that prevents your laptop from overheating issues. Don’t worry about the suitability of the size to your laptop, as it takes care of all the sizes. 

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2. Steklo Laptop Stand

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

Looks like nowadays, everything in our life is portable – books, cloud, laptop, jobs, etc. While traveling with only the all-important things, a laptop stand might not always make the cut. But with a stand that can fit in the pocket, changes the whole scenario.

And which other than the Steklo Laptop Stand, can make it possible?

This stand can be used for all sizes of laptops and provides cooling and ventilating properties. Although this laptop stand is designed specifically for MacBook, it works well with all other laptops as well.

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3. MOFT Invisible Slim Laptop Stand

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

Some users do look for the aesthetics of a product, along with its usability. The MOFT Laptop stand serves both of those requirements. The construction of this stand is slim and sleek, which contributes to its minimalistic design. 

You might be wondering, why is it mentioned as invisible!

Well, it is because this laptop is designed in a way that when you are not using the laptop, it can be folded while stuck to the bottom of the laptop. And this makes it look as if there are no attachments at all.

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4. Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

We writers enjoy a wide range of things, and it’s fascinating where our ideas come from. Sometimes it can be an empty room or sometimes a different place like outdoors.

Ergotron can be best for creating a workstation for writing indoors. Or if you are going out on a holiday, spending time outdoors like a garden or a beach. It is spacious and has a designated portion for a keyboard and a mouse. 

In case you enjoy some gaming, this stand will serve that purpose as well.

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5. AOOU Cool Desk Laptop stand

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

It’s not always possible to stay energetic, sometimes you just wanna stay lazy, be in bed all day and write out your heart. Yes, they do design laptop stands for sloth yet productive people too.

This stand can be used when you’re standing, sitting, or even lying on the bed. A separate space for the mouse is there on the side and also features 2 built-in cooling fans.

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6. Kantek MS520

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

While portability is most preferred by several people, some others look for a spacious structure that can hold most kinds of monitors, be it a laptop, desktop, or even a TV. 

This laptop stand, or better to call it a laptop stray, comes with an in-built drawer where you can keep important items. If you are someone who cares about the environment, you might prefer this compared to its other counterparts, because it is made from recycled material. 

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7. Griffin GC16034 Elevator Stand

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

This laptop stand will surely bring down all the overheating issues. Portability will not be an issue as well. While it supports almost all brands of laptops, it will support sizes up to 15 inches.

This laptop stand stands out because of its minimalistic design, which is something people like very much in modern times. While providing comfort to your health, this piece of laptop stand also enhances the aesthetics of a room with its sleek design.

8. UPERGO Laptop Stand

8 Best Laptop Stands for Screenwriters to Write Comfortably

UPERGO Laptop Stand, unlike the previous one, can be used for laptops up to 17 inches. While most parts of the stand are made of aluminum alloy, it also has a silicone anti-slip pad which is convenient for most.

Just like the other laptop stands, this one too is portable and has an open design for airflow. Along with this, this stand has a designated space for the keyboard.

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A lot of productive people haven’t realized that a laptop stand is essential for an ideal workspace. Only after using a stand, one can come to know that boosting productivity is one of its many benefits.

The market is surely flooded with numerous brands, models, and styles of laptop stands. While you will not have a difficult time finding one, you might have a problem while finding ‘the one’. 

However, it is important to know that a portable one might not always provide you with all the ergonomic benefits, and similarly, an all ergonomic one might not always be portable. Hence, based on your uses and convenience, you alone can make a choice.

And don’t forget to comment below, which one of these above is your favorite. 

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