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Learn to Write Video Ads in 4 Easy Steps (with Case Studies)

In this 20 page eBook and 4 easy steps with just 2 hours of reading, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the Complete Format of Writing scripts for Video Commercials
  • Write a Script in 1 Day

This is a one of a kind eBook which teaches you the complete format and process of Writing Scripts of Video Commercials for Television and YouTube. 

3 Reasons to Learn Writing Commercials

  • High Pay Scale: $100,000/year is what Commercial Writers earn from freelance writing & day jobs in agencies.
  • Tremendous Opportunities: Over $70 Billion were spent on TV Advertising in the US alone in 2019.
  • Immense Rise in Demand: A 14% increase in demand for genuine TV & YouTube Commercial Writers with innovative ideas.

What information does the eBook include?

  • 4 most important steps before starting to write.
  • How to write a perfect Video Commercial in 1 day.
  • Examples of Video Commercial Scripts.
  • Scene by Scene Analysis of a famous Video Commercial.
  • Recommendations on the best Screenwriting software used by writers.

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